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Karen Ann Patton

Karen Ann Patton

Ormond Beach, FL


Karen Ann Patton is an award winning artist originally from New York, who now resides in Ormond Beach, Florida. Patton's oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolors are filled with vivid colors, usually reflecting images from the area in which she lives and works. Laura Stewart, former Art Critic of the News Journal, wrote "Patton's landscapes are natural vistas, colored brilliantly with her expressive inner vision but still easily recognizable in every detail." Malcolm Preston,former Art Critic for Newsday wrote, "Patton's large watercolor sheets, all strong in color, shimmer with an awareness of light. Patton's method embraces the use of very wet washes of color, beautifully controlled. Her papers have a lovely transparency about them and the fluidity of the backgrounds is nicely offset by the crisply resolved shapes of the flowers and leaves." She has studied with many well-known teachers, including Edgar A. Whitney, ANA, AWS and Wolf Kahn in New York City. Her painting "Celestial Garden" was published in North Light's book "The Best of Flower Painting" in 1997 and in the Landmark Calendar of 1993 "Florals by Karen Ann Patton". In 2012, her pastel painting "Tranquility" was selected for publication in Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company's book, "Oncology on Canvas". Her work is internationally collected and her paintings can be found in various hospitals and corporations including Winthrop University Hospital in New York, Florida Hospital Memorial Cancer Institute in Daytona Beach, Florida, the Baptist Medical Center South in Jacksonville, Florida, the Olympus Corporation and the American Automobile Association, and Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals to name a few. She is a member of Plein Air Florida, Plein Air Painters of St. Augustine,
The Art League of Daytona Beach, Florida, The Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens, Ormond Beach, Florida, The Florida Museum for Women Artists, "Who's Who in American Art" and previously The National Association for Women Artists in New York

Artist Statement regarding my landscape paintings: My goal is to capture the essence of the landscape with my oils and pastels at different times of the day and seasons of the year. I want my work to be impressionistic but also remain in the realm of reality. Although I seek inspiration from painting on location, I also refer to my photographs, videos, sketches and my old paintings, finished or not to enhance my creative efforts. Living in Florida, I do have more opportunities to paint plein air than I did when I lived in New York. However, sometimes the very hot weather, snakes, alligators, fire ants, etc. add unexpected challenges to the experience. I prefer painting with a partner while on location because that provides me with a sense of security which helps free up the creative process. Admittedly, it is much more convenient to paint in my studio where I have the comforts of home; air conditioning, all my supplies, good lighting and food and drink and where I can use my plein air sketches to work on larger paintings. But, after awhile, I need to get back out again to experience nature and get recharged.

Artist Statement regarding my floral paintings: Upon seeing a Patton floral painting, one is first captivated by the lush, vibrant beauty of her colors and imagery. As with all art that is true and lasting, Patton challenges the viewer to respond. She seeks both to entertain and to evoke a personal emotional response. Patton describes her own work as a careful balance between accident and discipline, a continuous dialogue between my conscious mind and the subconscious. I court accidents in order to let the unconscious do most of the talking. The best paintings often happen quite magically with very little conscious effort. It's an intuitive process, guided by years of experience, in which one thing simply leads to another.



Christmas Cactus by Karen Ann Patton


Joy by Karen Ann Patton



May Morning by Karen Ann Patton


Sunshine by Karen Ann Patton


Fantasy Flowers by Karen Ann Patton


Marsh memories by Karen Ann Patton


Golden Marsh by Karen Ann Patton


Morning on the Marsh by Karen Ann Patton


Tranquiity by Karen Ann Patton


Summer Dunes by Karen Ann Patton


Autumn Marsh by Karen Ann Patton


Magical Marsh by Karen Ann Patton


Blue Marsh by Karen Ann Patton


Serenity by Karen Ann Patton


Island View by Karen Ann Patton


Melody by Karen Ann Patton


Magical Garden by Karen Ann Patton


Fancy Frills by Karen Ann Patton


Garden Parade by Karen Ann Patton


Flowers of Summer by Karen Ann Patton


Ode to Spring by Karen Ann Patton


Jewels of the Garden by Karen Ann Patton


Gentle Moments by Karen Ann Patton


Forever and Ever by Karen Ann Patton


Springtime Bouquet by Karen Ann Patton


Peach Parfait by Karen Ann Patton


Tulip Garden by Karen Ann Patton


Monet's Tulips by Karen Ann Patton


Spring Tulips by Karen Ann Patton


Arabesque by Karen Ann Patton


Serenade by Karen Ann Patton


Rhapsody in Blue by Karen Ann Patton


Orange Bouquet by Karen Ann Patton


Garden Party by Karen Ann Patton


The Blue Vase by Karen Ann Patton


Red Hibiscus by Karen Ann Patton